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Anticedent rambles of another Mission

I wrote a journal late into the night the last time I went on a trip like this. If you remember. That was Ukraine. This is a completely opposite part of the world. I'm excited. can't you tell by the look on my face? Oh wait. you can't see my face.

Before I go on. Do you think that the mentality behind Credit Cards, is the same mentality that we have as Americans, with marriage. Leading us into some pretty phenomal statitics for Divorce?

I started planning this trip about 6 months ago. There was a lot of time in there, where I wondered. Would I even go? What was I going for? Then when Greg did the impossible and boarded a plain to go work in the Carribean, I felt like a bit of a monkey and bought my tickets.

I do hope that God has a plan for me, and this time that he'll let me in on it. Not being in on things like that blows. One minute you've got things made, at least by your standards, Then the next minute God decides to do some manoeuvres and you wind up 180, and a bit upside. Is there a name for that? I'm going to sound like Nolan if I go on here so.

My reason for choosing Panama originally was for it's developed, and "Tax-Haven" status. Mix in nice weather, and hopefully not american supersizes, and you've got my attention. After alot of research into the Carribean Area, even a bit of Europe, I finally decided on my first love. Well. Panama. Andorra was pretty tempting as well. Any country sandwiched between France and Spain sounds pretty good to me.

I've got some slack recently for Panama, and alot of questions like why? Why? is a boring question, Pegs not answer that one. Hassling me about Panama being a pretty monkey place to go, make sure that your no confusing Panama with Colombia. Colombia being the most hostile country in the world, and panama being the number one place for Americans to retire for the past 5 years. I don't look like the type of guy to smuggle Coffe Beans across the Colombian Panamanian boder do I? Now I know Josh wants them really bad but he's going to have to talk to someone else.

I've got more batteries to charge then any other trip before. It's funny having an array of cords in your hands, and then thinking that in less than 12 hours, all of those cords are going to be plugged in, in another part of the world. You wee cords are such world travellers.

In Panama, I'm going to be a full time missionary, full time tourist, and full time expedionist - sp?. Amidst trying to get married. Na just because I'm canadian, my name isn't John, and I'm not in Donestk.

I've made contacts with I.M.B. in the area of Panama City. Everything that I'll be doing sounds well within my comfort zone. Mostly english related. This time not directly though. more just going through Tesol notes, and teaching others how to teach esl. I guess fsu has a campus in Panama City close to where I'll be staying, which is an area that they are working in.

With cords to pack, and Brothers to wish happy birthday to. I'm out.

We'll be typing and videoing from Panama City.

Love/Sincerely, (You can decide)

Ryan  »  Sep 9, 2005

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