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Senor Frogs

Clean Shave. Why? It worked for you last night. Yeah and last night for good American dollars I also looked like brad Pitt, and had the cutest accent.(Well it was french, wasn't it). Those french girls... Now. Sneaking out of Aparment C. Trying to avoid neighbors, or the Boa's Ryan? I'm actually not to keen to see either of them right now. Ryan. I didn't know that 3 mohawks were in Style? Yeah it's probably not, not like everyone with black hair here is going notice. Another Ant, and where is my taxi? o.k. your back back now. Senor Frog's was closed. At the other place I'm really curious to find out whether you stood on top there because of confidence or because of language, or because you just couldn't be stuffed. - To answer that question I'm going to first have to say confidence. definitately not in the most bawling of places right now; Then I'm going to have to say research. Does that say C . O. R. ONA on the back of her shorts? Wait those aren't shorts, and why is she wearing cowboy pants, the kind that I'd expect to see at Tequila, or cowboys? I'm not really sure. but she definately was cuter than both of those places. Well obviously. She is latin american, isn't she. Panamanian? Now that I can't be sure about. I'm finding out that alot of them are from Colombia.... Good day with the googles on yesterday. best in a while. Only more motivation for low pro Oct, Nov, Dec. These Frozen mango Juices are quite a treat., you ought to try them! I guess drugs are a bit of a problem here in Panama city and Panama in general. Alot of drug trafficking, mostly from Columbia -> North. I hadn't seen any of it until tonight. With my original place being closed, i was stuck sorting myself out. next minute I've got a guy using words like Coka, and marijuana, with me. Tu parle le francais? Well then I've got not idea what your talking about! Cover charge here is actually really dear. like tonight was 7usd, but can be up to 10. that's steep. Won't complain about 5cdn anymore. So what about that Dinar. Or wait is it Denaro? Actually, righty now I'm talking about Dinar. Nolan? Josh? or do I have to make all the decisions around here? So very random, and very proving that panama is a good place to come back to. Infrustructure? - Costa Rica: Pegs not ; Panama - Best in S.A., Costs and all that other fun stuff. Panama as well. Chika, well aparently they are all here anyways. Now just about the spanish part. o.k. Rosetta I'm coming.

Ryan  »  Sep 16, 2005

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