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Panama Arrivals

The days have passed more quickly than I had anticipated. From one last night out in town, to boarding a plane lacking pillow time. A few days in Houston proved to be quite the treat. Except for Zimm's everything was as I remembered. Before I had time to make any foolish purchases I'm yet again on an aeroplane. Another 4 hours straight south, on what will rank top 5 for most random flights.

My friend, Eduardo, met me at the airport. We barely managed to fit my gears in his Toyota, before heading across the city, a few times, to look at cars. Any purchases? Potentially. Mixed results, and trying to be patient on the result; although with everything getting bumped I'm not sure whether I should wait, or jump. Time has a tendency of working these things out.

Bank missions are never fun, and after a four hour one today, I'm never going to badmout having to wait inline for 30mins in Cochrane Royal Bank, behind the entire town of Morley. The lady that finally did help me, was helpful in more ways then one. From cellphones, to moving, twice, utilities, insurance, land titles, to visa's, The mission continues.

The city of Knowledge has my name written all over it in the coming weeks. Both online and off - I've some work to put in.

My project has been moved until early next week, which is throwing the cat amongst the pigeons, on another front. I always live in a tiny car for a month. Wouldn't be the first time I've thought of it. Jajaja. Ricies.

Although the whole market was down today, A swing of 500$ was the last thing my overwhelmed mind needed today to stack on top of not getting a welcome package, a bank mission. Ryan - Didn't Rosetta just fix you a hot plate? Isn't their a $20 bill in your pocket? Isn't their a friend on the 3 floor waiting for you? That's the problem. There isn't yet. Thinking about back to when Joshua became part of my family, I remember why I made that desicion, and now it's easy for me to make a move on the TT.

Rest well, Everything is on the rise.

Ryan  »  Oct 11, 2007

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