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1000 mgs

Let me tell you about this girl that I met. Gene. Hygene. ricies. So what started out as teary eyed days with Pat Benatar turned into night shift with Sarah Brightham. It's apparent that their are exciting things going around, and I've managed to keep my feet on the ground. 2 Pages of indented lines, the making up of a sphyder. Actually Nolan, could you please give me your hand and pull me down from here.

Ringo Starr haircuts, and I'm polishing calcium pills at 12 hour intervals so that my teeth will stick with me a little longer. A new idea that sparks today, nothing to do with my teeth, enyet it has everything to do with them.

Last night I was sleeping, dreaming and. I'm sitting with two guys at the end of this long hallway on gymnasium like bleachers. Of the guy gets up and starts to mop the floor. I notice in the corner of my eye this huge insect that looks like a cricket with butterfly wings. It's probably about the size of my hand. The hallway is completely empty, and I'm starting to get really uncomfortable about it sitting their looking at me. The guy with the mop asked me if I could come him a hand. I think about it for a minute, but then realize how uncomfortable that I feel, and I start to run down the hallway with a towel. I'm swatting it all over the place, as the bug is in hot pursuit. I get to the end, and there is no where for me to go, or the bug for that matter. I've never jumped out of bed before. But today Sergey Bubka would have been proud, my eyes were fixed directly on the top hinge of my bedroom door. It slowly loses it's wings, and fades out from flesh to metal as I gain consciousness.
There is not amazing colors or dreamcoats, but there is something going on in there.

If that is not random enough, words from a few days ago are starting to reshape the last two years of my life, and also the next to come. It's interesting what your mind will do when something comes to the surface, that you had chosen to not believe is true. A quick mein kampf happens, until you sort out another way to deal with the situation. At this point you're better off than before, but the situation is still laid to rest and hasn't fully been sorted. It's at that point where the world would have you leave it. People are satisfied with leaving situations alone, because it's the easier thing to do. It's the choice that doesn't create conflict. Not everyone can be satisfied like that, as the conflict is created inside. The same goes for the normality of the situation.

I remember the first time I read this poem in New Zealand. "If you love someone, let them know, for they may die tomorrow, and never ever know". Situations that have been passed up, with or without love involved, we all have experienced.

Right now stands at 22839 and when I get back from getting the milk it will be a few thousand more. I'm not talking about dollars so don't get ahead of yourself. The thing is that as numbers grow, and goals change, there still is a life that has to be lived. The live that is here today, and whose course can be changed at any moment you decide.

"The sad thing about life is not that it ends to soon, but that we wait too long for it to begin"

Ryan  »  Nov 12, 2005

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