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One day where everything comes together, and then everything falls apart. I start going back through the memories. The earliest that it goes back is to a wooden chair in the kitchen on Range Road 222. It's Ironic as the world has changed since that moment, and I'm now on 232. From 4 to 19 in hundreds of pages. Going through the years and then this one pops up and grabs my attention. "As another year goes by, another takes it's place"... Thank-you twelve and thirteen, for that line to hold with me. Minus 30 night before Taiwan, 30 plus hours in the civic, 120 spent in Honolu, 400 more in a foreign country. You could say, I guess that, it was then that really the numbers started. Seconds ticked into minutes, and into hours, and now I'm into months and years. Two parrarel lines drawn 8 months apart, both having their climax at Maxwell Taylors. You start with what is inside, and then you work your way out. The harderst thing that you'll ever have to change is yourself. That brings back to January 19 like a sore thumb. I was 17. It's not to mention those lines that keep wrapping off, and starting over. November 18th has brought alot more wisdom then I had to work with in January, in which I am thankful for. The road ends here, as to what is best and what is easiest. Not that it ends per say, but that it crosses. What once used to be the best, would now be the easiest. That is for several factors, but you always have to ask yourself why you are doing something. If you are first in line for the easy way out, but aren't doing what is best anymore, it is time to re-think what line you stand in. It's funny that I picture these huge rips in the furniture, and vases that have been set off axis, but then I also see this white light when I can put the cat to rest, that tells me that something is different. Then there was that dream, that put everything together, contrary to what was happening outside. 256106, 114, 1554, 1572, 6

Ryan  »  Nov 18, 2005

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