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don't talk to me about random happenings


Sometimes you think you have a handle on whats going and then and maybe you do....next min the Internet is unplugged or your wondering what your doing with all the bulbs flashing?

What happened to training? And running gossip and training stints....its turned into money stints and stints of not sleeping a lot or any!

If people really believe they can do anything they really can. Saying it sounds easy ,,,yes...but who can really convince themselves that the sky is the limit. A few have done it well and we are stilll reading about them today.

It doesn't seem that along ago when we where in a little white car with too many memories and were driving to what we thought was Brazil...we were in for abit of a spike or a clyde or 3

Or Mom telling saying that she was pregnant will Lilly and that seemed like the biggest event ever to happen as we were too young for the accident or Divorce. Now he feels spoiled with random experiences way beyond his times or ever will be able to make sense of. (running, travel, breakups, guilt, experiences, teaching, modeling, brett gets his name up there as well) so what can he feel he wants to slow it down..or has he gone too far....the only time you know you've gone as far as you could..is when you've gone too far....has he? There are probably people i Can think of who would also reserve a ticket on the same cruise ship.....who's the guy smiling on the piano?

Thinking about what you want and getting what you want......this is a good one..maybe alittle too good that I'll leave it at that you never know what box of chocolates is gonna get given to you...hmmm chocolate sounds good right about now....munchies huh sam....

so did you show him the secret video tape...kkkk....it makes him a millionaire and this clown always tells people he could have been on the same canoe but had to wait until hes 25 instead

Vision boards..hes not sure exactly how his is gonna work out yet..he has a few main characters on the board that keep jumping around...some in tents? Heaps of characters still auditioning but a few are here to stay thats 4sure

houses....your an idiot not to have a house or be interested in buying one...thats what I'll touch on houses. Having a place to stay is something we take for granted growing up in front of our TVs...reality tv shows are reality to us because we sit and waist our time and they become our pathetic reality from day today...whoops sorry TV..can we still watch prison Break from my lap top?fingers are crossed but not that tight brett...

If a man stays alone he is the only one who can keep himself from going bonkers..could be interesting to try because all these people around me aren't helping in that department of Mechanical engineering....so my pops and older sister are borderline to jump on a wee voyage of gongshow land......

a green friend who was once drinkable has turned hard and tootsie roll looking..( easy on the tootsie roll its not Halloween)...we don't meet that often so nobody get worried just yet....I'll let you know...so you don't miss out...whoops ricies

hottest days of the year...where could you find him...on the computer wondering what happened...get a grip Marshall

Nolan  »  May 5, 2007

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Posted on: May 9, 2007
by Anthony

"If people really believe they can do anything they really can. Saying it sounds easy yes...but who can really convince themselves that the sky is the limit. A few have done it well and we are still reading about them today." i couldnt have said it better

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