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A running list of things I want to be when I grow up...

No particular order here at the moment, but I do plan on searching for job opportunities that allow overlap between all my interests.

- Cardiovascular Surgeon

- Concert Pianist

- Social Entrepreneur

- Founder of an Insurance Company


- Adventure Tourism guide

- Cowgirl

- Play pro handball in Europe for a couple years

- Internet entrepreneur

- Pharmaceutical sales

- Geneticist

- Biomedical ethicist

- Oil and gas worker


- Makeup Artist

Note: For anyone reading this and thinking I'm just spewing off random names of professions, please allow me to tell you the honest truth... At one point or another I planned my entire education or life around the thought of making one of these things my life. The problem is, with medicine especially, the time required to earn the degree is a few years that I will never be able to enjoy later as I would probably only last as a Dr. for 4 years tops before I found something else. This has not discouraged me, as I'm learning to mix my interests and effectively multitask.

Kitten  »  Feb 26, 2008

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