Korea plot losing...who knew
PermaLink - Jun 19, 2006

 subways,walks...then trance cranked up on head phones in a park in downtown Seoul. So about those shirts and what about those pull-ups.
Nolan always does killers in random parks before class in Korea 좨ㅔㅔㄴ
Edu Town what those keys, gonna get alittle wet Jason ( keep quite sohooo!)
Jason you ass러ㅏㅗ

Brett goes to Vancouver and gets married and forgets to e-mail.
Hotel rooms with adult vending machines (green Love, shouldn't it be yellow love...)
Shaun always comes down with a bad case of Yellow fever...aka banana goggles!!!!!hahah
Losing the plot in Korea 2
PermaLink - Jun 19, 2006

 Well how about that AVril Lavigne..what a cutie...Nolan always sees Avril Lavigne in concert while he's in Seoul..whoops

Brett what about those legs I mean yours not Krystys

One minute in Seoul next min on a roof in a Subway station losing the plot!!! Nolan can never handle his piss,,, he always dates asians and then climbs on roofs and dances.. (losing the plot is the shisnick... how about Nelly Furtado she is pretty hot real heaps.. I never saw the Stampede but sounds pretty good. Well Nolan how about that 20 pounds that you have put on..more like lost 20 pounds Nolan is skinny real heaps... Its hard to order and eat things here...I ate pig feet yesterday but I'm learning and I'm only young...

BUY you're meat by the pound not from the pound...whoops..Nolan always eats MC poodles

Tamara sorry I can't come to you're party..actually save it.. you never came to mine...oh wait you did I'm just kidding ( have a good b-day!)

So what about that NZ, what about Hayley...Brett and Luke always hate Hayley...I don't even know bro? Willow always has his mates over when JOY is gone...disco is fat real heaps...Nad always gets hit on by D-boy....Nolan thats not funny...who said it was?

One minute big Pentax..but Celine actually has it and then next Minute..bling,bling digi cameras @ the electronis markets..here I am. I bought the same one as you're one Brett except mine is Jet silver with some asian writing on it...maybe not but who knew.

what about those legs.........hahahah

Nolan always sends random e-mails after a SOJU..what is Soju that is a very good question... pegs not drink Beer... bathone and Luke can

Well this isn't making any sense real heaps.. How about Kei's GF what a hottie..it could be his mom but after the goggles are on it dosen't even matter!!

( go go gatchet soju goggles...lol) just kidding kei or anyone else i offended

what about those flip phones with cameras on them ...?

well its been real fun

how fun? real fun ...lol

Nolan has officially lost the plot


Nolan James and what about that FYFE
Losing the plot in Korea 1
PermaLink - Jun 19, 2006

 One minute New Zealand, Next Canada and then Seoul!!!!!

Nick Willis 3:32.68 faster than webb...whoops Brannen 1:46.48

Korea is crazy real heaps...I forgot how busy Asia was, it has been like 8 months since I was here.

I currently have the weekend to relax and get over some jet lag and then on Monday I start my 3 day training. I have met a few other canadians and we are going to hit up the town tonight and see what Seoul has to offer. I feel like a freakin giant here...well Nolan you are 6"3..whoops!

The hotel we're staying in is pretty avg but its right in town so that will be nice for the night scene. I will be meeting my director on Monday morning and then getting my own apartment on Thursday and start work on Friday (Nolan always works..lol)

The weather is really quite warm here about 25 today and really humid.

Aaron nice pb in the 1500m, The track season is really full on right now...shibas better not say that to loud as I could get beat up...whoops

random Tuesday nights...Limo's, Cowboys, walks, Tim Hortons till early in the morning and then drive homes....where's those keys? hahaha

Ryan send me the detailed info.....did I sell my bike?

KKK.... I'm holding you to your planz for Jan...e-mail me when you get back from boating...what about those motorbike rides

Handy...are we running yet again? did you get you're book?

Brett...hows Canada without me?...hows Krysty? and what about those legs?

Mom..hopefully the baby is fine with me gone she prob forgot already...lol thanks for everything...did my bike sell...I'll call later this week.

Julie..made it here smooth...thanks for all the info and time!

Jen.. we'll meet up next time...to bad we didn't meet up...I ran into you're friends on whyte one night

Mel...you better come visit me sometime...or not but have fun in Edmonton and be careful on those bikes

Kei: I saw you're girlfriend...lol

Well its been fun e-mailing but I'm gonna go check out what Seoul has to offer.

ANd don't forget....don't forget what?


Nolan James Fyfe

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